Producciones Sin Un Duro is a Spanish production company created in Madrid in 2003, specialized in shorts, documentaries and low budget films. Since its creation it has participated in the production of several projects, working in co-production with other production companies, both national and international.

Producciones Sin Un Duro makes a cinema of stories full of nuances, about human beings just like anyone of us. We are prompted by feelings, not by means. Because, in order to tell stories that move and remain, enthusiasm and will are the essential baggage.

Our most recent projects are Nightfall in India (2014) and Giants don't Exist (2017), feature fiction films, in international co-production. 



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Producciones Sin Un Duro is a Spanish film production company created in Madrid in 2003, and it deals both with documentary and fiction projects.


Over the last years, Producciones Sin Un Duro has participated in the production of the following works, directed by Chema Rodríguez: The Railroad All-Stars (2006), in co-production with Telespan 2000, Second Audience Award, Berlin International Film Festival 2006. Street Love (2007), in co-production with Atalanta. Sad Drunk, in co-production with Eloísa Cine (2009). The Embrace of the Fishes, in co-production with Eloísa Cine and TVE (2011). Our most recent film is Nightfall in India (2014), an international co-production between Producciones Sin Un Duro (Spain), Jaleo Films (Spain), Strada Film (Romania), Atmo (Sweden), Canal Sur and Film i Väst, distributed in Spain by Wanda. We are currently working on the post-production of our next feature lenght project: Giants don't Exist.



Nightfall in India

Nightfall in India

Feature fiction film. 2014. Produced by Producciones Sin Un Duro, Jaleo Films, Strada Film, Atmo, Canal Sur and Film i Väst. Written and directed by Chema Rodríguez


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Ricardo (Juan Diego) decides to travel overland to India, as he used to do in the old days, when he brought hippies to the East with his van, crossing Europe, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. But the situation is very different now. Ricardo has been in a wheelchair for the last years. In this journey, he is accompanied by Dana (Clara Voda), his Rumanian housekeeper. Life owes something to these two lonely beings. The journey will become the alibi for paying it off. Nightfall in India is a shining road-movie full of life that uses journey as an excuse to tell a story about love and the passing of time, about the importance of the present and the need to recover lost time; a story in which the journey itself is as important as the arrival.


Main cast


Ricardo: Juan Diego
Dana: Clara Voda




Writer and director: Chema Rodríguez

Produced by: Producciones Sin Un Duro (Spain), Jaleo Films (Spain), Strada Film (Romania), Atmo (Sweden), Canal Sur, Film i Väst


Festivals and awards


Best Actor, Best Editing. Official Section, Málaga Film Festival 2014.

Turia Award, Best Actor 2014. 

Official Section, Austin Film Festival 2014.

International Discoveries, International FilmFestival Mannheim-Heidelberg, 2014.

Focus Spain, Sao Paulo International Film Festival, 2014. 

"Opera Prima" Feature-fiction Film National Contest, "Almería en Corto" International Festival, 2014. Opera Prima Award.

Asecan Award, Best Actor 2015.

Nominee for Best Adapted Screenplay, Film Writers Club 2015.

Nominee for Best Adapted Screenplay, Goya Awards 2015.

Best Lead Actress, Brasov International Film Festival & Market, 2015. 


The Railroad All-Stars

The Railroad All-Stars

Feature-length documentary film. 2006. Produced by Producciones Sin Un Duro and Telespan 2000

Writer and director: Chema Rodríguez


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Valeria, Vilma, Mercy and their other workmates dream of being treated with respect and that the violence against them will end. They work as prostitutes in Guatemala, and their rate is two dollars per service. They work in “La Línea”, besides the railway line that cuts straight across Guatemala City and runs to the Pacific Ocean. In order to draw attention to their problems, the police harassment and the unpunished murders, they organize a football team and register for a local championship. But they are dismissed simply because they are prostitutes. This disqualification unleashed a heated controversy in the country, both rejection and support that changed their lives overnight. This is their story.




Second Audience Award, Berlinale Panorama 2006; Jury Special Mention, Official Section, Málaga Film Festival 2006; Sebastián Prize, San Sebastián International Film Festival 2006; First Prize at the Primavera Cinematográfica de Lorca 2006 (Lorca’s Cinema Spring); three ÍCARO Prizes as Best Central-American Film, Best Director and Best Editing 2006; Audience Award LAFF Utrecht 2007, as well as a dozen other awards at international film festivals all over the world. Participation at the Official Section of diverse festivals: Karlovy Vary, Hot docs-Toronto, Silver Docs-Washington, Montreal, Edimburgh, Warsaw, Hamburg, Chicago, Miami, Tokio…

Street Love

Street Love

Documentary short film. 2007. Produced by Producciones Sin Un Duro and Atalanta

Writer and director: Chema Rodríguez


“Don Fernando” works as a street sexologist in Zone 1, in Guatemala City, besides the railroad line, in La Línea, a place where a hundred women —who charge hardly two dollars per service— prostitute themselves. The sexology classes taught by "Don Fernando" are unusual and keep a final surprise. Rogues, unemployed people, vagabonds and women crowd themselves and mill around him, with a very personal view on love.

Released in Documenta Madrid 2007.

Sad Drunk

Sad Drunk

Documentary short film. 2009. Produced by Producciones Sin Un Duro and Eloísa Cine

Writer and director: Chema Rodríguez

Marina, a 70-year-old ex-prostitute, a major figure in The Railroad All-Stars, lives the happiest day of her life when she knows that, finally, she’ll sing at the National Theatre in Guatemala. This documentary short film follows her all along that very special day.



Available in Filmotech


Jury First Prize, Documenta Madrid 2009.




The Embrace of the Fishes

The Embrace of the Fishes

Full-length documentary. 2011. Produced by: Eloísa Cine, TVE and Producciones Sin Un Duro

Writer and director: Chema Rodríguez

Close your eyes and put your hand on your ears. Imagine the world, your world, without those two senses. Imagine a dusk, a song or a kiss. Deaf-blind people can do it; they can dream of a dusk, feel a song or a kiss with an intensity that it’s difficult to conceive for us. They have that ability and, besides, they tell jokes, play bass guitar and communicate themselves with Ganymede. The Embrace of the Fishes is an initiation journey to the deep-sea depths of deaf-blindness. 

“Made in Spain” section, San Sebastián International Film Festival 2011.

"Panorama andaluz" section, Seville European Film Festival 2011.

Available on Filmotech

Available on filmin

Giants don´t Exist

The Embrace of the Fishes


Giants don't Exist

Feature fiction film, 2017.

Produced by: Producciones Sin Un Duro (Spain), Atlantia Media Producciones (Spain), PTP Mundo Maya (Guatemala), Dos Lunas (Guatemala), Icónica Producciones (Spain). With the support of: ICAA, Ibermedia Programme.

Directed by: Chema Rodríguez

Script: Chema Rodríguez, Francisco Vargas and Elías León Siminiani


Main cast:

Andrés: José Javier Martínez

Pedro: Rafael Rojas

María: Patricia Orantes



Guatemala, in the 80s. The worst days of the Civil war. Andrés is 9 years old. He lives with Pedro González, one of the men who massacred all the women and children in his village. Andrés has survived, but he's scared. Pedro's wife, María, is also scared, scared to go out, scared to lose Andrés, whom she considers as "her new son"... even Pedro is scared, scared of himself and what the Army bounds him to do. Andrés would like to run away but he also wants to stay in his new family... until his sister appears.

Festivals and awards

Alice nella città. Festa del cinema de Roma. Official Section. 2017

Seville European Film Festival. Special Screening. 2017

Ícaro International Film Festival, Guatemala. Opening film. 2017



JAN 13, 16

Giants don\'t Exist

We're working on our next feature lenght film... Giants don't exist

JAN 12, 15

Nominee for Best Adapted Screenplay, Goya Awards 2015

Nightfall in India is Nominee for Best Adapted Screenplay, Goya Awards 2015.

DEC 22, 14

Opera Prima Award for Nightfall in India

Nightfall in India has got the Opera Prima Award at the Opera Prima National Contest at Almeria International Film Festival, 2014

MAR 30, 14

Nightfall in India, awarded at Málaga Film Festival

Nightfall in India has got the awards for Best Actor and Best Editing at Málaga Film Festival 2014.

MAR 10, 14

Nightfall in India will compete at Malaga Film Festival Official Section

Nightfall in India has been selected for the competition at Malaga Film Festival Official Section.


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